Physiotherapists treat any problem related to muscles, joints, bones, nerves, ligaments and tendons. We treat any problem associated with the spine and also provide post-surgical/fracture rehabilitation. Physiotherapists use mobilisation techniques, manipulation, strengthening, stretching and Pilates exercises to treat injuries. We can also use acupuncture to treat musculoskeletal conditions.

Muscular and Joint pain
Muscle Strain

Physiotherapists take a detailed history and use orthopaedic tests to diagnose a patient’s problems (in the same way as orthopaedic specialists would). If we feel your problem requires further investigation (e.g. an X-Ray or MRI scan) we will refer you on to the necessary specialist for this to happen. We will explain your condition and rationalise an approach to try to effectively treat it. Treatment will usually encourage the patient to take an active role (e.g. modify activities, look at work tasks/set ups, or do exercises) to help them self-manage their problems and to also focus on injury prevention and to decrease the chance of injury recurrence.