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Back and Neck Pain

Back pain and neck pain are the most common musculoskeletal injuries. For diagnosis, treatment and prevention, we are here to help.

Sports Injuries

Physiotheapy for sports injuries

Whatever your level of sporting activity, the key to getting back in play is early, accurate, professional diagnosis and management.

Pregnancy Related Pain

Be it in the early weeks or the final countdown, pregnancy related pains are very treatable. You don’t have to live with this type of pain!

All Muscle and Joint Problems

Tweaks, aches and niggles can all be warning signs of something bigger about to happen.  It is just as important to get these problems checked out as it is when you are ‘completely broken’.

Dizziness and Vestibular Problems

Dizziness and Vestibular

Dizziness, vertigo, labrynthitis, a ‘muzzy head’?  There are many possible causes for these symptoms.  Expert assessment and treatment can make a big difference to your life.

Adolescent Injuries

There are significant differences in the types of injuries sustained in younger athletes because of the differences in the structure of growing bone.  It is important to have these injuries properly assessed.

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